September brought about many developments on the COVID – 19 front.  Below we have outlined some of the important information regarding the Indiana Department of Health’s requirements for Point of Care Testing and you’ll also find links to important resources.  Plus we have updated information on Phase 3 of the Provider Relief Fund.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me and we’ll work to find the answers.


Dan Kenyon

Point of Care Testing

Point-of-care testing for SARS-CoV-2 has become an increasing testing methodology for diagnosing patients with COVID-19 in a variety of settings. To capture these results, the Indiana Department of Health has developed the COVID-19 Point-of-Care Test Reporting – Indiana Department of Health REDCap form. This form will allow all settings using point-of-care testing for SARS-CoV-2 to easily report all results to IDOH and will ensure results are included in surveillance data.

IDOH requires all facilities using point-of-care testing to report all results to IDOH as soon as possible to provide timely intervention and direction to the state’s response to the public health emergency.

Provider Relief Fund – Phase 3

All providers who previously received, rejected or accepted a General Distribution Provider Relief Fund payment are eligible for additional funds. They will first prioritize providers who have not yet received funds equal to 2% of revenue from patient care and bring their allocation to that level. They will then use a formula to make additional disbursements from the $20 billion budgeted for this allocation, based on: a provider’s change in operating revenues from patient care; a provider’s change in operating expenses from patient care, including expenses incurred related to coronavirus; and payments already received through prior Provider Relief Fund distributions.

Providers will have from October 5, 2020 through November 6, 2020 to apply for Phase 3 General Distribution funding.

We’ll have more information on this soon.

The full press release is below and can be accessed here.